RED IS FAB – THE KAYTURE BAG October 19, 2012 EXCITING NEWS Well, I must say that I have been really looking forward to talk to you guys a little bit more about this exciting project I have been working on since a little while with Fab Accessories. I’ve had the great opportunity to design…


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How to Gain Strength to Get Back to Work after Illness

Having to miss work because you’re sick can be pretty stressful. You may worry that you’ll lose your job, or maybe you just fret about all of the work piling up. But if you jump back into your work routine without bothering to build your strength back up, you could feel poorly for weeks –…


Having More Fun Made Me More Successful

For years I have felt I live in a world where I am in constant competition, sometimes with other people (without their knowledge) and sometimes with myself. To have the perfect career, partner, home, life and to look great while doing it. This week Sofia Vergara confessed in an interview that she feels pressure from…